My name is Jorge Viñals. I am a music composer, producer, and sound engineer with more than 10 years of music education and a degree in Sound. As a curious piece of information I’m also a Telecommunications Engineer. I started studying music at 9, composing around 11, and working with machines at 13-14. I’m 33 years old now.

I’m available for any kind of projects related to music, sound and video. From composing music for a video or a website to producing other artists, or even working as a video artist myself, editing and setting up an audiovisual performance. Pretty much everything that involves music, audiovisuals and creativity.

My strongest skill is my versatility. I can go from arranging strings to making beats, from mixing music to editing and programming video. Being a trained musician and having this assorted creative background helps me to think out of the box. I can fearlessly switch from pianos and guitars to noise and bass.


I’ve worked for TV and online ads, film and music. The different roles I’ve had are: mixer, producer, sound designer, mastering and video editor. Most of the time the whole pack all at once.

Some of the clients I’ve been lucky to work with are:

Advertising agencies like McCann, JWT, Ogilvy and Wunderman, and clients such as Coca-Cola, IBM, Johnny Walker and Pepe Jeans amongst others.


I’m a film photography lover, can’t live without sports or far away from the guitar I grew up studying with. Also I have a band.