This is a compilation of either lost songs I made through the years, or little soundtracks I made to suit my photography.

Besides being a musician, sound guy and all that, I am a (very amateur) photographer in love with film. At some point I decided to upload my pictures together with my music to my Instagram and my Facebook page to combine these two passions and this way also let out some of these ideas that I like but didn’t suit any of my projects, and somehow were doomed to get lost in the deepness of my hard drives. Also, as a way to build a small but quality library of my own, with sounds ready to use. Most probably this library will stay alive and songs will be added in the future. Also, on my Instagram and Facebook I’ll be uploading them in a weekly basis to add some music to people’s feeds.

All material is are under copyright. If you are interested on any of the songs, don’t hesitate to contact me for details. The complete song library is already available on Soundcloud for ease of listen. Check it below:

You can check my Instagram feed below too:

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